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Beating the 2015 Winter Blahs!


Beating the 2015 Winter Blahs!

Coleman Memorial Chapel & Midnight Hour Ministries


Beating the 2015 Winter Blahs!

January 13-The Purpose of Your Life


©Russell E. Hobbs

All Rights Reserved


Who are you today?  Write a paragraph describing you as a person.






Who are you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?









Assess the major decades of your life and write a statement about who you feel that you were in your:

































Do you feel that you have lived up to the potential of your life?      (Explain)    Why or why not?







Do you believe that you are where you want to be today:











How does your life impact the people around you?








What would you like to change about you?         Why?







What prevents you from accomplishing the purpose of your life in 2015?







What are you going to do about it?






What do these scriptures suggest about the present direction of your life?


Psalm 107:9-


Psalm 119:133-


Ecclesiastes 9:17-


1 Timothy 4:16


Hebrews 4:12-



January 20-What is God Attempting to Accomplish with Your Life?

What are some of the significant experiences that have occurred in your life-the past couple of years?






What have you noticed as “God winks”, times when you were certain God was trying to tell you something original?






How do you understand the term; “the leading of the Lord” and what does this mean to you?





In what ways are you becoming a different person than you use to be?  Is this positive or negative?

Do you believe that God has a literal plan for your life?  Why or why not?





Do you know what that plan is or involves?





List 5 goals that you believe God wants you to accomplish and a possible timeline or game plan for these objectives.





What is your relationship like with God today?  Are you satisfied with this arrangement?  Why or why not?





What do these verses suggest about God’s plan for you?


Psalm 37:3, 5


Psalm 84:11


Matthew 21:21


Luke 6:46


John 10:27-29


John 14:12










January 27-The Old You..The New You! Your Past is Not Your Future.

Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things passed away, behold new things have come.

2 Corinthians 5:17


Now the Lord is the spirit: and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

2 Corinthians 3:17

Who was the old you?  How would you describe that person?




Who is the new you?




How does the old you and the new you sometimes still clash?




How do you describe sin nature?  (Romans 7:13-19


Share a meaningful life experience or story that demonstrates how the new you differs from your old nature.




Explore these verses, how do you think they apply to your life today?


Psalm 32:3-


Psalm 51:12-


Psalm 85:2-


Psalm 139:23-24-


1 John 1:9-


1 John 2:1-


Revelation 12:10-



February 3-A Cure for Your Anxiety!

What are the primary cause(s) of your anxiety?




When do you become most anxious?




Have you noticed that certain individuals or seasons cause increased anxiety?  Discuss these situations.




How does financial issues affect or produce anxiety in your life?




How do you normally cope with anxiety?




How do you understand the difference between anxiety and depression?




Are you an angry person?




What are some personal spiritual lessons that you learn from your anxiety?




Some questions to consider about YOUR anxiety!

Do you believe that God really cares about you?  1 Peter 5:7




What does anxiety and worry lead to?  Psalm 37:8




What can we learn about ourselves through our anxiety? 

Psalm 139:23-24




What does anxiety have to do with the future?  Ecclesiastes 7:14  Matthew 6:34





7PM/All Sessions

Join Pastor Hobbs for coffee and some discussions sure to warm and lift your spirits on a cold wintry night!  For information and to reserve your spot in this group study/discussion


Coleman Memorial Chapel


Midnight Hour Ministries

(717) 626-6933



e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

·         Discussions may be rescheduled due to inclement weather if necessary.  ALL discussion and program activities will be held at the Coleman Memorial Chapel, 1980 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, PA (North of Brickerville along Rt. 501)