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Russ Reflections..

WOW, what a great week! It has been a busy time and I am grateful for the activity that has unfolded and the people which I have shared the events of this week with.

The week started last Sunday with worship at the Coleman Chapel where I shared a message entitled; “Leave That Witch Alone”!  The classic biblical story of the witch of Endor and the drama that played out between Saul and Samuel, who was summoned back from the grave!  My message had several practical points that centered on being in step with and obedient to God!  Our lives generally take a dive real quick when we fail to acknowledge God and His plan for our lives, at any given moment.

Monday morning Kenny Mauer and I went over to my youngest son’s Dwight house to help him resolve some electrical problems that he was experiencing.  Ken Mauer is a darn good electrician and found Dwight’s problems pretty quick.  I managed to stay out from under foot thus avoiding getting electrocuted!  Yeah me!  Really?  No, not, it was nothing like that. J But seriously, we were able to help out Dwight and there will be a bit more for us to resolve downstairs in his man cave!

Tuesday Morning I hung out with a couple of old college buddies, Tom Wenger and Doug Hallman at Lancaster Bible College at the Pastors conference.  It was a refreshing day for preachers and some insights gained on the work of a pastor in these crazy turbulent times.  A good speaker, panel discussion and workshop.  A fine day..

Wednesday, it was off to the dentist for some work on a top molar that had developed some problems!  My dentist asked me, “Hey Russ, if Jesus is a Christian, why is He called the “King of the Jews”? Huh?  I’ll tell you that story some other time!  He asked me that question after I was shot up with Novocain and had a drill in my mouth.  I will be re-visiting all of Wednesday sometime.

Thursday, kind of a slow day that ended with a trip to the Ephrata Fair in the evening with Darla, Sue, Scott, Destiny and Anna, just an all around fun evening.

Friday, was LBC Homecoming and Darla and I were blessed to hang out with some other graduates and be involved in a fabulous cookout, musical (Smoke on the Mountain) and some sensational fireworks!  It was a great evening and night!  Darla laughed so hard that the pew we were sitting in was rockin like a minor earthquake, making me have to J  But, what was really funny was the laugh of the guy sitting on the row in front of us, he had a very deep and boisterous laugh!  He was as funny as the actors/actresses.  It was a riot! Sometimes, it was hard to tell if folks were laughing with him or the performers!  Laughter is GREAT, what a gift.  These days WE all need a good laugh!  Well, it was a great night which ended about 11:30PM with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and falling asleep in each others arms!  THANKS LORD, you always make our day(s)!

Next week Lord willing, I’m going to share some stories and memories of my mom, Cretia Hobbs and my Uncle, Donald Birtch both of whom have graduated to the heaven lies! 

Blessings everyone!