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Online Counseling & Coaching

What is online counseling?
It is the process of interacting with a professional online in ongoing conversations over time in which the client and the counselor are in separate locations and utilize the phone, e-mails and the internet to communicate with each other. It is a relatively new outreach of assisting individuals to resolve life and relationship issues.
The counselor does not provide traditional treatment services and does not treat mental or emotional medical disorders. However, this method of online counseling is flexible enough to address many difficulties which clients present to the therapist such as couples, marriage and sexuality relationship issues. Depression, anxiety, fear of failing, disturbing thoughts, sense of helplessness, anger and personal crisis problems may also be addressed through online counseling.
For additional information e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (717) 626-0492. The cost for an online session is $35 which includes two e-mails with assignments for the client as well as access to an online forum which may be a blog or short course of interactive study/discussion.
For ongoing communication and discussion..Russ Hobbs M.A. CAC Diplomate is available on Facebook. Send a friend request to view his comments or submit questions. Follow Russ on Twitter by searching and clicking on ReverendRuss.
For additional counseling services and/or to schedule an event for your church, club or organization call or e-mail today.