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"The Pulpit, The Prostitute and Sexual Encounters in the Pew"

Midnight Hour Ministries has produced and relaeased a 57 minute audio production for pastors, counselors, professionals and families dealing with sexual addiction and pornography!

"The Pulpit, The Prostitute and Sexual Encounters in the Pew" is a resource available to you for personal study, reflection or group discussion.  Listen to the personal encounters of individuals who tell their stories of tragedy and loss as a result of inappropriate sexual activity!  You will also hear how their lives were transformed by the power of God and how hope and healing became possble during a nightmare of physical, emotional, relationship devastation and criminal activity.  Get your copy today by contacting Midnight Hour Ministries, 1980 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, PA 17543 We would be happy to provide a copy of this production to you for your gift of $15 or more to Midnight Hour Ministries Broadcast Productions.  For additional information contact MHM producer Russ Hobbs at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it